Duncan Hoge Experience Designer XD
Revel How can we celebrate the effort that goes into athletics with more than an award?
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Klink How can we change the way the world buys alcohol?
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Kitchen Using fitness data to change food magazines forever.
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Peak How do we keep people safe while making their outdoor experiences more enjoyable?
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Nike Golf | R/GA Custom clubs mobile & web
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Tough As Trails Logo design, t-shirt design

About Me

I have a well-rounded knowledge of designing for digital and physical applications, which marries well with my strong interest in closing the divide between digital and physical. I love playing at the strategic and conceptual level.

I’m a creative kid with a journalism background. I love the world and experiencing as much of it as I can. I’m most inspired and connected when I’m racing down a narrow mountainside trail with nothing between me and the ground but my own two legs.

I've embedded a lot of my photography in the background of my portfolio. The outdoors are a driving force for a lot of my work, so it is only fitting that it has a place here. Thanks, Nature.

I love title sequences. More often than not I can tell whether or not a show appeals to me just from seeing those opening credits. So, this is a title sequence for my 2014.

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